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Personal Tax Returns

All different complexity. Single, common-law, family, senior, disabled, new immigrants, non-resident.

Business Tax Returns

Sole proprietors, small business and corporate tax returns. Helping clients organize paperwork, track expenses and be audit ready. Bookkeeping services, HST and payroll filings.

Calculating business taxes
Charts for returns
Types of returns

Commissions, employment expenses, investments, rental, bankruptcy, disability, involuntary separation, new immigrants

Final and Estate Returns

In year of death, up to three different returns may need to be filed. After death estate return will report income after death.

tax forms and a pen and computer with mouse
tax forms and a pen and computer with mouse
Prior Year Returns
We can help you get caught up!

No shame in being behind, lots of people are. Let us help you relieve the stress. We will deal directly with CRA on your behalf.

We an prepare prior year tax returns. If you are behind in your tax filings you could be missing out on HST, Trillium, Senior property tax grants, and child tax benefit. By getting your taxes up to date it is possible to get these benefits.

CRA Assistance

We provide tax service assistance. Have you received a notice of re-assessment that you don’t understand? Have you a letter form CRA asking for information? Are you in over contribution of RRSP’s? We can assist in responding to these problems. If you are a client already this is a service that is included with your tax return.

We can also discuss options for filing such as voluntary disclosures. Help with tax appeals. Prepare submissions to the fairness committee. If you have a garnishee on your wages or a freeze on your bank account that CRA has placed, we may be able to help.

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